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Julia Galloway

“I am interested in pottery that is joyous; objects that weave into our lives through daily use.

Pottery decorates our living spaces with character and elegance. In use, our fingers discover uniqueness….pottery is a reflection and celebration or ourselves. In my present work I am making pottery that is simpler in form and deliciously complicated in surface. I am developing surfaces with silver lustre that reflect the pottery and the surrounding area back onto the pot. I want the layers of inlay, slip and glaze to draw you in; a surface you can visually swim in. I am creating juxtaposition through a blend of opposites coming together; simple and complex, flat matte and shiny sunny glazes, subtle color next to bold.  The title of this exhibition “Echo” embraces my growing societal and self reflection from a year of stillness brought on by the pandemic.”

Julia is a professor at the University of Montana in Missoula.
  • Professor University of Montana, Missoula

  • Public collections include the Renwick, Long Beach Art Museum, Alfred University Art Museum, among others

  • Board member of the Archie Bray in MT., NCECA,

  • U.S. Artist Grant recipient 2018

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