Scott Parady

Scott Parady got his MFA from Penn State University and currently is a ceramics professor at Sacramento State University in Sacramento, CA.

Many of the pieces Scott creates are hand built.  He pinches the clay while working slowly on a potter’s wheel as opposed to the traditional throwing method. He fires the work in his Anagama wood fire kiln. Parady began this hand-building technique because,“I like to use the clays that are hardest to use as they push back a bit or they want to react strongly to whatever I do to it. I like the balance of having to walk the line of keeping the piece from collapsing or coming together. A lot of the best pieces come from this kind of tension.”

Scott owns and lives on a property in northern CA with about 80 species of conifers. He uses  imagery in his work that relate to trees and their lifecycles; “ I study a lot of them, how they grow and die, so I put a lot of that into the work. I don’t just have a stamp of a tree design. Each drawing has an individual consideration.”
– American Art Collector Magazine

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