Sunshine Cobb

Sunshine Cobb born in Vancouver, British Columbia, spent her early years growing up in Southern California. Sunshine worked a variety of jobs while on her path to self discovery and attended many college classes before she fell into her life’s purpose: to make beautiful objects out of clay. Once engaged in the life of clay, her vessels have grown and changed along with her experience. Sunshine is committed to making functional ceramics that capture textures, colors, a sense of time and motion as well as a sense of wanderlust. The warmth of earthenware and the subdued sand blasted outside surfaces recreate a memory and a sense of belonging. If you had met Sunshine in person, you would see how her work resembles her generous, loving nature. Her work touches one’s visual senses in a way you can smell, hear, feel and touch all that you imagine happening around you. Using a bright colored Sunshine Cobb vase, cake platter, garlic jar or dish brings it all home.

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