Randy Johnston

Randy Johnston’s work engages modern art and the concepts of ancient and non- western art. These specific modern connotations address the development of abstraction within the aesthetic of utilitarian objects. He loves the physicality of ceramics and firing with wood, but he is devoted to pictorial expression with the surface designs both revealing Asian influence and abstraction influenced by the New York school action painting combining both deliberation and spontaneity.

Randy’s work considers the relationship of architectural structure and spatial orientation. Many of the pieces suggest through their framework both an internal and external boundary system. Connecting this framework and identifying the dualities and the metaphoric potential of a form’s austere directness, aggressiveness, and simplicity are challenges to be considered with each piece. Essential to a strong representation of each form is a feeling for its overall spatial structure.

“As an artist, I am engaged in tracking down a primary moment, a moment that reveals vulnerability, emotion, intellect, the conscious and subconscious. Seeking to transform that moment into artistic creation compels me to make art. This process is a timeless communication and constant challenge to connect the abstract and metaphoric potential of the ceramic vessel.”

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