Craig Petey

After two decades of practice on the pottery wheel, I have chosen to let go of crafting traditional ceramic pots. Although I now express spontaneity, directness, and a greater respect for the carefully considered sculptural elements in my works, my initial forms still pay tribute to traditional clay techniques of quality craftsmanship.

All of my work, initially, considers the evenness of curve, balance, and form; they are then stripped, reduced, and transformed with aesthetic consideration. Furthermore, I use glaze in a process that goes beyond its traditional role as a surface coating, in which the glaze communicates and augments the strength of the form.

In this current series of work, “white on white enhanced stripes” I interplay shades of white as a base glaze, accompanied with white overlying stripes with boldly colored lines. Channeled sections on my forms dictate the white stripes’ directionality, emphasizing its cut nature. Giving way to a platform in ceramics I designate as “sculptural tableware,” with the line of usability being determined by the viewer. This current series of work has been inspired by a continued need to work with exacting detail while producing work that concurrently minimizes this meticulous approach.

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