Birdie Boone

Birdie grew up in both the slow culture of southwestern Virginia and the fast culture of the city of San Francisco. She was always encouraged to be creative and declared her intent to be a potter at the age of six.
“My ceramic dishes are minimal objects; they are understated and are, at times, even overlooked. Invest a little time with them and you will discover subtle elements that form the dialect by which I translate what I observe around me. My intents to address the significance of the domestic experience through the honesty of simply composed forms and thoughtfully developed glazes. There are no unnecessary details; every element is carefully considered. An individual, family, or community may be rendered through soft, volumetric forms and tinted transparent glaze applied over and opaque slip disclose the dark clay beneath. These collaborate to create a complex visual depth replete with connotations. This sense-full ideology requires only that the user be open to its possibilities. Thus, my pots are not only useful but also objects that have the ability to affect their users’ sensibilities and to act upon the domestic spaces they occupy.”

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