Bill Geisinger

Bill Geisinger has lived and worked in the bay area for the last 40 years Initially working on paper with color field imagery using the screen-printing process. Eventually recognizing that clay and utilitarian forms was the direction of his work.

His quiet work also comes from his experience and admiration of ceramic work from the Bizen area of Japan. Each piece is unique, and reveals a history of the magnificence that clay and fire have when combined. People from many cultures inspire Geisingers work. Their individuality and determination to develop give him strength to grow and work beyond function. Continuously extending the way he interpret forms. It’s important to him that each piece reflects its relationship with previous work, as well as the process each form must go through while being made.

“Find the still quiet place within you; it’s the dream where my work comes from. It’s the beauty of nature’s changing surfaces, colors, and forms.”

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