1812 5th St., Berkeley, CA, 94710

Ron Meyers

The exuberance of Ron’s functional pieces creates a three dimensional experience that not only capture one’s childlike imagination, but delivers the stealth and grounded feeling that any powerful work should entail. He uses each piece as a canvas on which he fuses the yin and the yang of the surface and glaze to create animated animal portraits that speak to you from afar. Eating or drinking from one of his figurative pieces is almost as good as being in his presence as he smokes his favorite cigar. He handles the clay and his creative vision, not as if he had to master the skill, but as if he was meant to translate a particular harmony or message from mother nature.

Ron is long ago retired from teaching at the University of Georgia. He divides his time between his rural countryside home outside of Athens, GA and his cabin on Lake Erie in upstate New York. Every summer for the past 40 years he and his wife, Hester, have made the trek back to the region of their childhood, now shared with 3 children and 9 grand children.

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