Candice Methe

The foundation of my work is the presence of the hand. When I coil and pinch the clay, I leave marks as I build the forms, which act as a record of intention. Working in this way makes the process slow and allows me to spend time considering how the anatomy of the vessel comes to life through line, form, and surface. With every piece I strive for subtle, soft, surfaces and the deliberate execution of shapes that move between discreet profiles and dramatic contours. While making, I am more interested in an improvised conversation with these components, rather than a pre-conceived formula. The content of these vessels is embedded in this decision as well as the delicate interplay of formal elements and external influences. 

In each piece, there are echoes of historical pottery and yet they exist as contemporary vessels. I find inspiration where the art of indigenous cultures intersect with agriculture and architecture and in the history that permeates ceramic art and its endless possibilities for self-expression. 

The most captivating idea I’ve encountered as a maker is the sense that these objects offer nourishment that is reciprocal for the artist as well as the user. Nourishment comes in many forms; utility, labor, vulnerability, connectedness, even desire. The vessels that I create are a document of my intent and a signifier of my connection to this life.

Candice Methe is a Studio Artist and Educator living in Helena, Montana, where she is currently a long term resident at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramics Arts. Originally from Falmouth, Massachusetts, she has traveled to Nicagragua, Ghana, Japan and Mexico to research traditional ways of making and learning about the cultures behind the pots. 

  • Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramics Arts – Short-term residency 2017, Long-term Resident 2020-2022
  • Red Lodge Clay Center, Short-term residency 2015, 2020
  • Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award 2017
  • University of Minnesota- Minneapolis, MN MFA 2015
  • Northern Arizona University-Flagstaff AZ BFA, Minor in Art History 2011