Don Hicks

Don Hicks discovered photography in 1992 when he began photographing skateboarders and live music perfomances in his hometown of Nevada City CAand has since made it his professional focus.

He began shooting on film, ranging from 35mm to large format cameras and continues to shoot film as well as digital formats. His photography has been show cased in national publications such as Thrasher Magazine and the now defunct Heckler Magazine. In addition Don has photographed products for local bay area companies such as Chrome, Twenty First Amendment, and Heath Ceramics. He has also been featured in the cookbook French Roots.
His current work envisions landscape photography as an isolated subject through the use of cascading light and shadow by utilizing modern lighting techniques found in film noir and romantic era paintings.

Don received his B.F.A. from Hayward State University in California.
He lives in Berkeley CA with his girlfriend Maud and their two year old daughter Thea.