Stuart Gair

Stuart graduated with a History degree from Ohio University but was always in the ceramics studio where he was mentored by Brad Schwieger. He continued his ceramic interest by pursuing an MFA degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Stuart’s work has been influenced by the historical clean forms of Native American, Scandinavian, and Korean (Buncheong era) pots.

At 31 years old Stuart has made his mark in the ceramic world with his gorgeous richly earthy surfaces. His pots are stoneware fired to cone 8-9 in a soda kiln. He uses a cooling process at the end of the firing called “oxidation cooling”. A process by which, at the end of the firing, he radically introduces oxygen back into the kiln by opening all the peeps, swinging the door open, and introducing as much air as possible by pointing box fans at the stack. Some of the work is also dropped into a bucket of cold water. All of this is to re-oxidize the iron in the clay and bring out a broader range of color.

Stuart was a long term Artist In Residence at The Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT where he created a new body of work, taught classes, and explored the surrounding area. Currently, Stuart is teaching at Colorado Mountain College and Carbondale Clay Center. He is excited to pursue new ideas in surface and form. He lives and works in Aspen, CO.