Liza Riddle


Liza’s passions were hiking in the wilderness, exploring the natural world and making art. She earned a BA in Zoology with an Art minor in 1977. A Master degree in Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley in 1983. For several decades Liza was a ranger at Point Reyes National Seashore, a field botanist in Oregon, and a director at the Trust for Public Land. In 2006, after traveling the world for the year, she returned to focus on ceramic art.


Liza applies wet clay over a previously fired handbuilt form. As the surface dries and contracts, it cracks and breaks into random patterns. She colors the clay with water soluble metals which, when fired, fix and transform, revealing the earth’s elemental palette of dry cracked earth. Her works record the process of desiccation so often observed in nature. Each form is quiet but evokes a sense of contained energy. She invites the viewer to imagine what might have preceded or followed this moment – was it charred by fire or cracked by drought?
Her work has been exhibited at the 2015 competitive NCECA ceramic conference and the 11th International Ceramics Competition in Mino, Japan as well as other venues.

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